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I am a lecturer (assistant professor) at The Max Stern Yezreel Valley College in Israel. I completed my Ph.D. in the social psychology program at Purdue University, working with Drs. Kipling D. Williams and Janice R. Kelly.  In my research, I integrate work from social influence, close relationships, and inter- and intragroup relationships.

The focus of my current research is ostracism—being ignored and excluded.  Ostracism is a common painful experience that can happen between strangers or close others, within dyads or groups. Seemingly trivial manipulations of ostracism have similar immediate powerful negative consequences for individuals regardless of their age, cultures, gender, ethnicity, and personality.  

What makes the experience of ostracism be more or less hurtful? What facilitates recovery from ostracism? How does being ostracized affect one's perceptions and evaluations of other events?

These are some of the questions I aim to explore in my research.  

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