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I am a research fellow at Reichman University in Israel. I completed my Ph.D. in the social psychology program at Purdue University, working with Drs. Kipling D. Williams and Janice R. Kelly. In my research, I integrate work from social influence, close relationships, and inter- and intragroup relationships.

The main focus of my current research is ostracism—being ignored and excluded, and sexual objectification - being treated as a body that exist for the use and pleasure of others. Whereas these two topics seems unrelated to one another, in my work I demonstrated that sexually objectified women feel that they do feel ostracized. In my current projects I explore the similarities and differences between sexual objectification and ostracism, and merge theories from both areas together. 

Ostracism and sexual objectification are two hurtful phenomena that occupy our lives and make it to the news worldwide. People from all ages and backgrounds experience, witness and are affected by these issues on a daily basis. My aim is to increase our understanding of the damages that ostracism and sexual objectification cause, and raise awareness to these issues.  

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